Leah and Michael Caldarone

We recently had the opportunity to work with Ester to orchestrate our family’s move out of the Bay Area. Initially daunting, Ester helped us simplify the many processes involved in prepping our home for sale. We were simultaneously selling our home in Palo Alto and purchasing a home out of state, which required precise coordination between Ester and our out-of-state agent. They worked as a team to ensure that we were well positioned to leverage our sale here to facilitate our creation of a new life elsewhere.

Ester and her team at McGuire were fantastic! This is a complex and aggressive real estate market and Ester showed facility and familiarity in her approach to comps and pricing. She has an expert eye for staging and was able to identify key easy fixes that we could perform in advance of an open house to present our home in the best light possible. She personally staged our home in a professional manner; in fact, we maintained the staging as long as possible because she created such an open and clean environment that we could not have done on our own!

She also helped us obtain dependable 3rd party services when appropriate. For example, we needed a large amount of boxes and excess furniture moved to a storage unit offsite to enable staging. Ester connected us with a reasonably priced moving company and managed this move for us so we didn’t need to take a day off of work. Ester quickly found us great referrals for short-term local housing and movers for our move out-of-state.

Ester goes above and beyond. She is hands-on and responsive. We never felt alone or abandoned during this rapid-fire process, which included an open house with hundreds of attendees. She walked us through each of the multiple offers we received for our home and supported us the whole way through. If that isn’t impressive enough, Ester stuck with us to facilitate the leaseback period included in the offer we accepted. We strongly recommend having Ester on your team!