Carole Brunner

Dear Ester,

I want to thank you for helping me sell my condo in March 2014. Your professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market were of tremendous benefit to me.

I have bought and sold five properties in the past and have never had such a smooth transaction. Your estimate of a good asking price and your marketing of the property created a bidding war that brought me a price of $50,000 over what I was expecting.

When you called me that Thursday night with the seven offers, it was a dream come true. I felt good about the buyers and what they intended to do with the property and then, the next day, you said they had changed their offer to cash. I couldn’t believe my good fortune.

I loved working with you and must say you have changed a negative opinion of real estate agents into a great big positive. I wish you could come to Nevada and help me sell my property up here. I wish you all the best.